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I mostly found out because when I was looking up the stereotype about fried chicken (someone made a faux pas, I forget who), someone was also talking about the watermelon stereotype… but I’d never heard either of those in New England.

Yeah, I never heard of the fried chicken thing either until recently and even that I’m unsure of what it means/have no reference for it. So maybe our lack of knowledge is a New England thing? That’s interesting. I mean, of course I was aware of racism growing up but the only insult I ever remember hearing was one time my grandmother using the words nappy haired and I knew she meant it as a bad thing so I flipped my shit on her and screamed at her for like an hour. But I grew up with children of all races so I personally never saw racist stuff aside form that one time. 

I’m not proud of yelling at my grandmother by the way. But we had that kind of relationship, where we could yell at each other and still love each other. I loved her very much. I just got really mad that she said that.

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There’s a stereotype that “black people love watermelon.” Watermelon itself is not racist. The perpetuation of that stereotype is. You’re allowed to like and talk about watermelon. It’s just a fruit.

Gotcha. I’m sorry if I sounded stupid. I just didn’t understand. I tried Googling “watermelon toothpaste” to see if there was some pop culture reference or something that I was missing and I kept seeing articles saying the cartoon was bad because of the watermelon but none of the articles explained why watermelon was bad. 

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I assume it’s this? But as you know, I’m also white.

Yeah, that must be it. Thank you. I’d never seen those images before, not that I can recall anyway so I was just really, really confused.

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Watermelon in itself is not racist exactly, or at…

Yeah, that makes sense. Thank you. I must be living under a rock because I’ve never seen this imagery. And by rock I mean just a very sheltered life probably.

I feel like an extremely dumb white person right now and I’m hoping you guys can help me out. I am actually sincerely asking because I genuinely don’t get it and yes, I tried to Google but I couldn’t find an explanation.

Why is watermelon racist? I thought watermelon was good? Don’t most of us eat it in the summertime? Are we not supposed to be eating it? Is it always considered racist? I am so absolutely confused right now and I am truly sorry if this question comes across as insensitive.

So I have a question which I know I’ve talked to you guys about before but if you’re willing to refresh my memory that would be awesome.

I know some of you have told me in the past of bad experiences you’ve had going to comic shops. Can you tell me those stories again? Same goes for any new followers. I’m specifically looking for any anecdotes relating to having been on the receiving end of misogyny in comic book culture. I will not use anyone’s names. You can anon message me if you prefer. Thanks!

[MOD POST] Halloween Challenge - “Women in History”


Ah! Halloween season! Where everything is pumkin flavored and costumed sheanigans! Well, let’s have our own little challenge, whall we?

  • it’s simple, going from october 1st to 31st you will post whatever you created with the theme “Women In History”, basically Darcy lewis (and/or others) has to have a kickass costume about a forgotten (or not) woman in our History - and promptly link the wikipedia page about that woman in your post so we can all educate ourselves.

As usual, your creation can be a fic, a drawing, comics, crafts, fanmix…whatever your imagination tells you to do.

Darcy-centric or not (any ship is welcome), gen or not.

  • Tag any trigger warning in your post.

Have fun!


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Consider this your early warning reminder. Seriously.

Consider this your early warning reminder. Seriously.

Pluto's a planet, according to a new public debate

Tagging jessythewolf so she can read. It’s not official but us Pluto lovers have to take our victories where we can. :)